KOO explores the idea of overcoming the dreariness of the mundane, the voyage from caged to liberation in the form of a contemporary dance video. It tells a story about embracing free thoughts and rediscovering our raison d'être outside of capitalist value creation.

Between apathy and curiosity, the protagonist follows the light that calls her out of the place of labor.
At the other end of the light, she finds an already free man.

Parea is a young band/collective based in Munich. 
Brandi Baker and Alexander Hille are renowned choreographers with engagements at the ballet of the Staatstheater Augsburg and the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich. 

contemporary dance video

concept, production, videography, light, edit, vfx, color, graphic design


Brandi Baker
Alexander Hille

Leon Wehner
Alex stritzelberger

Frederic Popp

The big challenge of shooting this video was, as it is so often, limited time together with the dancers and no real budget/crew.
As a consequence, this run-and-gun dance video was planned around our limitations. Most of the video is improvised with only some pre-conceptualized sequences. This meant capturing the unrehearsed dance sequences, where I did not know what was going to happen next, were like dancing with the two talents, only that I was also holding the camera and was pulling focus at the same time, which made for a super enjoyable challenge. Piecing the different takes together to give the appearance of a cohesive choreography was also rather tricky, but the only way we could execute this concept.