[2023] Nexus is a non-profit techno collective from Vienna that is dedicated to creating inclusive events. 
I joined the collective from the moment of the funding to support them with visuals, their graphic identity, and social content as I align very much with their ideals and wish for a more inclusive reality with equal opportunities.

Besides a strictly enforced anti-discrimination code of conduct, we also offer affordable ticket prices at all our events that should allow everyone who is interested in attending the event to do so, even if their financial means are limited.

All profits from the events are donated to charitable organizations. At this point in time, we work closely together with Atlas Kinder Marokko. This charitable organization is building children's villages and caring for children who were abandoned or given away due to social pressure, illness, or poverty. Their mission is to help these children and to give them a safe home in family-like structures.
By engaging closely with the organisation the collective also tries to dissolve postcolonial fundraising structures. So far, more than 11.000€ were raised and donated.

With its commitment to social equity and community-centric attitude, NEXUS is making an anti-capitalist statement in an industry that is increasingly commercializing the subculture-born events that are raves. 

To get a picture of the ongoing development, take a look at the collective's Instagram page.

branding, social media content

logo & styling

The logo was designed to be bold and recognizable in the vast landscape of techno collectives. 'nexus' translated from latin to english means 'connection, act of binding, tying or fastening together', therefore the the letters create an inward motion towards the X in the center. The logo is also axis-symmetrical, borrowing aesthetics from logos of some metal sub-genres.  

The look of NEXUS is as fluid as the spirit of their events. From hard cut techno to playfull trance, the visual language for the individual events is adapted to match the vibe.